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Dr. Jason Kestner

Chiropractor, D.C.

Dr. Jason has hosted and continues to contribute content for

a weekly radio program on healthy living since 2008. He

pursues his interest in Regenerative Medicine

through fervent study and also speaks on the topic regularly.

Dr. Jenny Kestner

Chiropractor, D.C., PSc.D.

Dr. Jenny was voted Best Chiropractor by the Nashville

Scene in 2011 and achieved her Doctor of Pastoral Science

and Medicine in 2018.

About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors have long been put in the "neck and back pain" category of treatment and although chiropractic care is fantastic in those areas, it has done a great disservice to the profession and the capabilities chiropractic offers. Our team of specially trained Doctors of Chiropractic focuses on using the muscular skeletal system and the sensory systems as they interact with the neurological system to improve quality of life.

We use a variety of treatment modalities including the technique of adjustments, as well as other sensory-based modalities, to bring about improvements in health such as:

My Condition Wasn't Listed Above, Can Chiropractic Still help me?

The list of conditions that respond to our chiropractic care would be far too many to list. In order to find out if our services would be of benefit to you,

Please call our clinic at 615.646.6700